It's All About the Tools is an adventure that is another chapter in the life journey of its owner, Marian.

Right out of college in the early 1970's and as newly-weds, Marian and her husband, Charlie, began this journey with the opening of a hand painted needlepoint, cross-stitch and specialty yarn shop in Houston, TX. For twenty-four years three needlework stores and an office supply store filled their busy days and then they moved on to work in the corporate world. Marian, now retired, has finally been able to explore weaving, spinning, 3D print-making and Computer-Aided Design along with many of the other hobbies that she enjoys. 

A problem solver who enjoys and appreciates nice useful tools, she has found a way to incorporate many of her current interests. It's All About the Tools all started when Marian's tapestry loom needed a stand that would sit comfortably on a table and her tapestry yarn tubes needed a stand because chasing yarn tubes that had fallen on the floor when trying to ply multiple strands was a pain. With the help of a CAD program and a 3D printer, a small tapestry stand that fits the Mirrix Saffron loom and a yarn holder were created. After sharing the two new tools with fellow tapestry weaving buddies and listening to their well-received responses and encouragement, It's All About the Tools was born! 

As new opportunities and problem-solving challenges present themselves, more tools will be added.